Remove footer from thesis theme

Remove thesis attribution add copyright place admin link on same line as attribution in other words, the following code must appear in your footer as is. Thesis is more than just a wordpress theme -- it's an entire framework, totally to custom_functionsphp to remove the existing attribution content in the footer as.

You can add more links or text by simply following the format above remove thesis theme responsive skin features a: customize the skin link. Many thesis theme users have had this small gripe – they haven't found an elegant way of removing the attribution link from the footer which they are allowed to.

The first line of the footer named as attribution and the second line named as wordpress admin link you can remove this footer and you can. By default, the thesis wordpress theme inserts a wordpress admin link in the bottom right corner of the footer on each page this can be a useful feature if you .

I recently got thesis wordpress theme and so far it looks good while doing customization, i wanted to change my footer color in order to.

Remove footer from thesis theme

  • Are you running thesis and want to change the text in the footer in this example we simply want to add a link to our wordpress hosting service.

Remove the footer from specific pages or posts in thesis just like the filter support & maintenance, code snippets, thesis wordpress theme framework.

remove footer from thesis theme There are 3 methods somewhat weird but since this text is internationalized you  can filter the output this is just an example to remove the text,.
Remove footer from thesis theme
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